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Laundry Service Upgrade

Help upgrade our laundryJanuary, 2016

Dear Fort Wilkins NHA Website and Face Book Visitor,

Thank you for your continued support. Each year thousands of Fort Wilkins visitors enjoy quality programs, events and special projects that are funded by your memberships, donations, purchases at the FWNHA Park Store and vending machines as well as use of the laundromat.

During the 2015 season, the FWNHA, a 501(c)(3) organization participated in a campaign to raise monies solely dedicated to the purchase of new laundry equipment. It was time to update the older appliances so that the laundromat could continue to provide reliable service and generate the necessary income that benefits the Fort Wilkins Historic State Park experience.

The initial goal for purchasing updated laundry equipment was $3600.00. Nellia Shields-Young, a lifetime FWNHA member, has pledged up to $1000.00 matching funds. Nellia is an Iron Mountain native who now resides in Arizona. Nellia recalls dividing her time between herding cattle on the family farm at Pembine, WI and playing at Spread Eagle, WI. Nellia left WI in 1955 as she married and her Dad sold the farm in 1956. In 2000, friends welcomed Nellia to Copper Harbor, MI. Nellia shares fond memories of this visit including Copper Harbor’s warm hospitality and a stop at Fort Wilkins. Nellia was so impressed with the historic complex during her 2000 visit, she became a lifetime member and has supported the FWNHA ever since.

Thanks to Nellia's and your generous donations, the Fort Wilkins laundromat now has 2 new commercial dryers and will install 2 new commercial washing machines in May, 2016.

In closing, the FWNHA looks forward to seeing you this summer. Prefer a virtual visit? Online, search The website is updated often. 2016 programs and events will be posted in late June. For past accomplishments, click the News tab for 2012, 2013, and 2014. You may also search Fort Wilkins Natural History Association on Face Book .

Thank you for your continued support.


Fort Wilkins Natural History Association


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